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Not another iPhone picture please!

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Even before I became a Real Estate Agent, I had an unhealthy obsession with the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS). I am obsessed with houses. I had to know every house that was for sale and I would spend hours trying to understand market trends so I could share with friends how things were looking in real estate. Of course back then I did my searching through more limited websites than I have access to now, so my understanding was limited at best, but I would deliver my opinions with as much authority as a dietitian could have on the subject. The fact was and still is, I have a problem (albeit a problem I love having), and so I spend a good portion of my day looking at real estate photos and videos.

When I started working as an agent, my principal broker said something at a training that stayed with me: "Buyers have a pretty good idea if there is a possibility they will write an offer on a home in less than 60 seconds." I mean think about that! One minute! It takes longer to tie my kids shoes! I immediately started thinking about my browsing habits when on the RMLS. I realized I would spend a lot less time going through pictures if the colors were too dark, if the pictures were too small, or if the sink looked like it was longer than the table, meaning the pictures were poorly taken with an obnoxiously wide angle and they were, in my mind, "full of it". I quickly understood how much good photography really matters when you are trying to sell or buy a home.

The bottom line is: professional photography helps homes sell faster and for more money. Great photos will help buyers decide whether they should tour a property. Therefore, when listing a home, think about those 60 seconds being split between online pictures and an actual walk through. How important is professional photography starting to look now?

Specifically, statistics show professional photography helps homes sell 32 percent faster. In addition to this, homes with only one photo spend an average of 70 days on the market vs. 32 days for homes with 20 or more photos, and professional photography can help sell homes for $3,000-11,000 more, on average. And how about video marketing? Video Marketing is another important investment when selling your home. High quality, unique videos are a great tool for buyers and sellers. Want to hear a crazy statistic? Real estate listings marketed with a video receive 403% (yes thats right!) more inquiries thank those without. I cannot think of a buyer that wouldn't appreciate a video walk through of a home, which can better help the buyer understand the space. Drone videos of the property and even the neighborhood are also very attractive to prospective buyers.

When it comes to choosing an agent, make sure he or she understands that photography and video are key to the successful sale of your property, and that he or she is prepared to make the right photography and video investment for you. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THEIR MARKETING PROPOSAL. At their expense, they should be hiring the best possible real estate photographer for the property. Ask him/her to show you examples of previous work done by their photographer and most important of all, make sure they are hiring a photographer that specializes in real estate. Why? Just like theres a big difference between an iPhone photo and a professional photo (you know that bathroom picture where you can see the realtor in the mirror taking the picture? Yeah, no bueno), there is a real difference between a wedding photo and a real estate photo. Real estate photographers will know how and when to capture your property in the best light and in all the right angles. You want your listing photos to shine. You want to be able to see as much of the room as possible in each picture, and most of all, you want the pictures to be REAL. The last thing you want is to get a buyer in the door because of a picture of a deceptively large living room or kitchen and have then turn around immediately, in disappointment and feeling misled. Finally, real estate photographers have experience with the parameters for the photos that can be uploaded to the RMLS, which is important to ensure they show up correctly, clearly, and are not taking all day to open. Finally, make sure your agent has a unique video marketing strategy in mind. Anyone can make a slideshow of a listing, but things like walk throughs, drone videos and creative marketing videos will have much higher impact! If appropriate, a funny picture here and there or a video for Instagram or TikTok can catch buyers attention too!

Thinking that you need a great and passionate agent? Send me a message! Let's iron out a personalized marketing plan for your home and sell your property together!

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