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I am The PDX House Fairy. I tell everyone this: my dreams consist of homes, interiors, architecture, and gardens, and the clients who belong with them. 


I grew up in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, surrounded by beaches, mountains, sunshine, color, music and delicious food. My immense family (I have 30 cousins!) was always gathering and cooking in someone’s home. I remember playing in my grandmother’s wrap-around porch, hanging out in my aunts’ lively kitchens, and dancing at the family parties in the open and tiled garages. My father designed and built my childhood home. I was mixing cement and leveling cinder blocks before I was 10! I had no idea what a huge influence this would have in my future life.

My family made it clear: home is everything. 

Fast forward a few decades and college degrees; while I was working as an Oncology Dietitian in Florida, I bought my first home after conducting an extensive self-guided search among the beautiful Spanish and Mediterranean style homes of Miami Shores, and realized I was in the wrong profession. By then, I had been visiting the Pacific Northwest for years with my husband, who grew up in Port Townsend, Washington, and was head over heels in love with the vibe, the mountains, the people, and the architecture of this side of the country. So after moving my family from Miami to Oregon, I decided it was time to follow my calling and become a licensed Real Estate Broker, founded Yomari Loves Houses, and became The PDX House Fairy.

My family lives in a dreamy old Portland lady, a 1900 farmhouse in Montavilla that we bought in 2017. It needs a ton of work, but we love it. I am a mama to two amazing kids, three dogs, and two cats. I probably bore most people I know talking about houses. I dream of owning a tiny apartment in New York City. In my personal time, I enjoy cooking, gardening, eating great food and drinking good wine, listening to true crime podcasts, binging a good TV show, walking with my dogs, camping in our RV with my family, and when time allows, traveling to another city to explore, and EAT!

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